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TRUE Balance 300 Test Strips

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Truebalance Diabetes Test Strips 300 Strips

Truebalance Glucose Test 300 Strips 6 pack of 50's

The True Balance Glucose Test Strips are cutting edge diabetic testing strips that ensure accuracy and precision for testing blood glucose. Featuring a TRUEfill patented bevelled tip design, which reduces re-testing. TRUE balance strips require no coding and are ideal for home glucose testing or when you're on the go.

The True Balance Glucose Test Strip Features:

  • The Patented TRUEfill™ technology: To enable precise entry of the sample
  • No Coding Required: Save time and effort. Reduce user error and ensure accurate test results.
  • Fast Response: Receive accurate test results in 10 seconds 

This Package Includes:

  • 300 True Balance Glucose Test Strips 6 packs of 50's


  • True Balance Glucose Test Strips are designed to  use with the True Balance blood glucose meter Only
  • Designed for testing blood glucose
  • Manufactured by Nipro Diagnostics