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TheraPearl Hot & COLD Pink Sports Pack TP-RSBC1 -Each

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TheraPearl Hot & COLD Pink Sports Pack TP-RSBC1 -Each

TheraPearl Hot & COLD Pink Sports Pack TP-RSBC1 -Each

The price of perfection is high, whether you pay at the gym or the spa. THERA°PEARL’s Sports Pack rescues men and women from post-workout and post-treatment aches, pains, swelling and redness.
Compact and portable, the Doctor Designed Sports Pack is soft and pliable to adhere comfortably to your body. Drip and mess-free, it beats a melting ice pack or soggy hot towel any day! It’s hypoallergenic, non-toxic and, best of all, reusable. For durability, cost and effectiveness, disposables can’t match THERA°PEARL’s value.
Chill it in the fridge or freezer for analgesic cold, or pop it in the microwave for penetrating heat. The pack holds its therapeutic temperature for a full 20 minutes so you get fast, soothing relief. It’s perfect following any strenuous activity or accidental run-in with a table leg.

TheraPearl Pink Sports Pack is Perfect for:

  • Pre/Post Workout
  • Sore Muscles/Arthritis
  • Sprains/Swelling & More!


THERA°PEARL Pack should be applied to skin for doctor recommended time of 20 minutes. Remove and wait at least 20 minutes. Reapply pack for 20 minutes, if needed.
HEAT THERAPY - Microwave for time indicated below and test pack temperature. Heat for additional 5 seconds as needed until desired temperature is reached. 

700 Watt Microwave: 40 Seconds
1000 Watt Microwave: 35 Seconds
1250 Watt Microwave: 30 Seconds

COLD THERAPY - Freeze for at least 2 hours.