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Elta / Resta Lite Lotion Pump 16 oz.

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Resta Elta Lite Lotion Pump 16oz

Resta /Elta Lite Lotion Pump 16 oz

Face, hands and body daily moisturizing.

Use The Resta Lite Lotion (( Formerly known as Elta ) for daily moisturizing of face, hands and body. Swiss American Elta Lite is especially effective immediately after your shower or bath.

The Elta Lite lotion adds water to the skin, then uses the unique Elta Cream base to provide a watertight moisture barrier. This barrier substitutes for the skin's natural oil, delivering twice the long term moisturizing properties of other leading brands.

Resta Lite is safe for sensitive skin, fragrance free.

  • Concentrated
  • 8-plus hour Effectiveness
  • Economical
  • Sensitivity Free
  • Spreads Easily
  • Quickly Absorbed
  • Will Not Affect Garments

Key Benefits

  • Daily use to stop dry skin and prevent complications on all parts of the body
  • Use year-round
  • Immediately after washing or hydrating, to trap in maximum moisture.


  • Daily facial moisturizer
  • Body moisturizer after shower or bath
  • Protect hands from dryness due to frequent washing
  • Gentle on an infant's tender skin


  • Use Elta Lite Lotion daily on face, hands and body. Hydrates skin for 8 hours or more. Safe for sensitive skin, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. Works well for people with problems from diabetes, burns and others with dry skin


  • 1 RestaLite Lotion Bottle PUMP 16z

Model #: EL7600