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Red Vines Sugar Free Strawberry Twists - [ 2 Pack ]

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Red Vines Sugar Free Strawberry Twists - [ 2 Pack ]

Red Vines Sugar Free Strawberry Twists

Family-owned and operated since 1914, the American Licorice Company is proud to use artisanal candy-making techniques that have been passed down through five generations. Made using small a small batch process, Red Vines candy holds a prime spot in the hearts of candy loving kids and adults alike. Red vines, Enjoy the tradition of sharing sweet candies with fat-free, Kosher certified soft, twisted, classic chews at home with family and friends. It’s exactly how you remember growing up. Now comes in different flavor!

  • RED VINES Strawberry Licorice Twists are a Sugar Free version of our classic red licorice, but with a delicious strawberry flavor.
  • Using the same simple ingredients in red licorice, you can now enjoy these soft & chewy twists without the added sugar. 
  • Sugar Free RED VINES licorice twists pair well with salty snacks like chips or popcorn, adding a sweet fruit flavored treat to your day.
  • The 5 ounce bag is the perfect size for sharing your RED VINES candy at work or at home with family & friends. 
  • Since RED VINES candy is always fat free and Halal & Kosher certified, feel free to smile while taking a bite!
  • RED VINES Sugar Free licorice is also available in classic black licorice flavor. 


  • 2x Bag 5.oz