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Qwik-Lance Extended Trigger-activated Lancet - 21 gauge / 3.0mm

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Qwik-Lance Extended Trigger-activated Lancet - 21 gauge / 3.0mm

Qwik-Lance Lite Trigger-activated Lancet - 21 gauge / 3.0 MM


Qwik-Lance lancets  are single-use lancing devices for many blood sampling needs including blood-glucose testing and provide an alternative to the traditional lancing device. Great for travel, the business person or anyone on-the-go as there is no need to carry lancets and a lancing device and no need to load the device and dispose of the lancet. Lancets penetrate the skin and then automatically retracts- providing a safe and easy alternative for the user. They are designed for more-comfortable user experience, provide a consistent depth penetration, and have a tri-beveled tip to minimize skin trauma all while monitoring your health.These lancets are light and very comfortable to use. Whether you test your blood 1 or 3 times daily, the Stat Medical Device Lancets are an easy way of drawing your blood.


• High-quality/low-price

• Simple one-step, trigger activation

• Non-reuse feature for single-use only

• Top-quality stainless steel tri-beveled tip needle

• Blood glucose and other diagnostic testing

• Packaging in English, Spanish, French and German

• Packaged 100 per box