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Infinity Control Solution (Normal)

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Infinity Glucose Control Solution (Normal)

Infinity Glucose Control Solution (Normal)


Us diagnostics, inc. Brand Diabetes Supplies, Reorder Code G5-CSN 
US Diagnostics Infinity® Normal Flow Control Solution Small, 3-1/2mL

The Infinity® Control Solution is used to test the accuracy of Infinity® meter and test strips. Once applied to a test strip, the control solution confirms that the Infinity® meter's test results are in the expected range printed on the test strip vial. The Infinity® control solution tests should be performed at least once a week and every time a new vial of test strips is opened, also whenever you suspect the meter or test strips may not be functioning properly.

  • 3-1/2ml which allows for 200+ tests.
  • New red coloring for easy use.
  • Good for 3 months after first use.


  • 1 Bottle