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Go Lightly Sugar Free Toffees Assorted Candy (Chocolate; Coffee; Peanut; Vanilla) 2.75oz.

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Go Lightly Sugar Free Candy Assorted Toffees 2.75 Oz.

GO LIGHTLY SUGAR FREE CANDY Assorted Toffees Assorted

(Chocolate; Coffee; Peanut; Vanilla) 2.7.5 oz


The GoLightly Story is about People who wants to limit their sugar and carb intake, For reasons like weight loss, disease prevention and interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Almost all of GoLightlys sugar free candy contains 0 net grams of carbs, making it a good choice for a tasty and smart treat.


  • 1 X GO LIGHTLY SUGAR FREE CANDY  Assorted Toffees Assorted (Chocolate; Coffee; Peanut; Vanilla)
    - Diabetic Candy.GoLightly sweetens with Splenda the revolutionary no-calorie sweetener.
    - It has no aftertaste and has no effect on carbohydrate metabolism. Diabetic Candy..


Polyglycitol Syrup, Palm Oil, Mono & Diglycerides, Instant Coffee, Cocoa Powder, Soy Lechithin, Natural(Chocolate and Coffee), Artificial Flavors(Peanut Butter and Vanilla), Chocolate Liquor, Color [May include FD&C Red 40(E129), FD&C Blue 1(E133) and FD&C Yellow 5(E102)], Salt and Sucralose.