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Pulse Oximeter with Large Screen

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Clever Choice Pulse Oximeter with Large Screen

Clever Choice Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Level Monitor Model # SDCMS50D

Diabetic Corner is Proud to add New item in our stock. The Clever Choice Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate Monitor with large LED screen is perfect for adults or children looking to spot check heart rate and blood oxygen levels when exercising or at rest. If you are looking to lose weight or want to increase cardiovascular endurance understanding your heart rate is key to designing fitness routines that are safe and effective. If you have heart disease or your doctor has forbidden you to exercise strenuously, monitoring your heart rate during workouts is essential to avoid pushing your heart into the danger zone. Clever Choice Oximeter SDCMS50D was first introduced in market in September of 2014.

Principle of the Clever Choice SDCMS50D Pulse Oximeter is as follows: Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin Inspection Technology is adopted in accordance with Capacity Pulse Scanning & Recording Technology, the Pulse Oximeter can be used in measuring the pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate through finger. The product is suitable for being used in family, hospital, oxygen bar, community healthcare, physical care in sports (It can be used before or after doing sports, and it is not recommended to use the device during the process of having sport) and etc.

What is Pulse OxiMeter:

Pulse oximetry was developed in 1972, by Takuo Aoyagi and Michio Kishi, in Short Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive method for monitoring a person's O2 saturation.

Clever Choice Pulse Oxi Meter Freatures:

  • The SDCMS50D is Integrated with SpO2 probe and processing display module 
  • The SDCMS50D Small in volumelight in weight and convenient in carrying 
  • SDCMS50D Operation of the product is simple, low power consumption 
  • SpO2 value display 
  • Come with Pulse rate value display, bar graph display 
  • Also Pulse waveform display 
  • On SDCMS50D display mode can be changed 
  • Monitor Screen brightness can be changed 
  • It can Show Low-voltage indication: low-voltage indicator appears before working abnormally which is due to low-voltage 
  • SDCMS50D Automatically power off function: when the device is under the state of measuring interface . it will automatically power off within 5 seconds if the finger falls out of probe 
  • Display format can be saved after power off 


  • Clever Choice Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Level Monitor
  • Model # SDCMS50D