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Cardinal Health ReliaMed Twist Top Lancets, 30G [2 Pack]

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Cardinal Health ReliaMed Twist and Cap Lancets, 30G ( 2 pack)

Safety Seal Lancets Ultra Thin 30G. Twist Top, 100 Ct./Bx [2 Pack]

Cardinal Health ReliaMed Twist Top Lancets, 30G [2 Pack] introduces the Safety Seal Lancets Ultra Thin 30g. Twist Top, 500 Ct. These lancets are designed to feature with maximum accuracy and are the universal fit for all lancing devices. These have been made concerning the compatibility offered while monitoring, they offer extreme comfort levels sinc4e the twist top lancets that are specifically made with an ultra-thin design. Enclosed in a sealed protective casing, these twist top lancets are kept clinically safe for usage. The Ultra Fine tri-bevel tip accompanied by the universal design suits fits all devices. As the name suggests the twist top lancets are composed of an easy twist and pull cap. The pin-point nature of the ultra-fine tri bevel tip ensures affinity in offering unparalleled patient comfort. This enhances the efficiency of monitoring and reduces pain overall. The product features listed down as follows...

Ultra Thin 30G. Twist Top
100 ct./Bx - sold by bx

  • Universal to fit most lancing devices
  • Ultra thin design
  • Ultra Fine tri-bevel tip
  • Enclosed in sealed protective bag
  • Universal design fits almost all devices
  • Easy twist and pull cap
Specialty Medical Supplies’ (SMS) Safety Seal Lancets™ is the only product on the market today that provide 100% assurance that the product has never been tampered with or used before. This assurance is provided by the patented Safety Seals on each side of the lancet head. The new Safety Seals have been engineered to twist off using the same amount of force as traditional twist top lancets. The needles in the Safety Seal Lancets have tri-bevel tips and are electro-polished for maximum patient comfort. The Safety Seal Lancets are compatible with all universal lancing devices.

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  • 2 x BX of 100 Ct. Safety Seal Lancets 30G Twist Top