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What are the best test strips to treat or control diabetes?

What are the best test strips to treat or control diabetes?

Posted by Rushed Box on May 29th 2020

Do you know anything related to the diabetes test strips? Their availability online or any such sort? Or have I asked a very direct question right at the very beginning?

Never expecting that one day you woke up and found yourself in a big mess. So restless that you were very sure that something bad was going to happen! You start taking note of each and every aspect around to see whether things are in place or not. And not to forget that you woke up abruptly just because you had that bad dream and so restlessness has chimed in.

You had a dream that started with a usual day time setting, you had taken up your yoga session with that friend, after that relieving exercise of yours. It was time now that you were on the way to your friend's place to have a crisp chit chat session, and so you both were off to execute your plans then.

What happened there was not so usual! Your friend had been a diabetic, and this place was seen in possession of the equipment to measure the blood glucose levels. As advised by his doctor(might possibly be the diabetes test kits or the blood sugar testing strips), he had to monitor it regularly.. Unfortunately, though, you out of your curiosity, had the urge to measure yours the same way, and to your surprise, you came out being a diabetic.

No sooner it happened, and you were out of your dreams. A state of dilemma and anxiousness slipped in and slithered away, leaving you to sweat profusely thereby. You were running high on blood glucose, and now your dream had to be tested for some ground reality checks.

You went to seek a doctor the very next moment to get your blood glucose levels tested that could gradually grow with time or may even remain constant. To your surprise, your dream was a reality now and yes, your blood sugar level fluctuations were the signs of you getting diabetic. It was now time for you to adapt accordingly and sustain the change. In order to regulate the blood glucose levels to restrain them from a significantly high rise, getting them back to your favor.

"Let's cut corners and see how you dealt with it!"

Though the situation is challenging, but we live in an era where medical science and technology have made the living standards high, and so you have a cure for every problem. It's just the need to get diagnosed timely for an actionable effect over your health-related aspects. When covering diabetes, we would go by some touchpoints or will be making a checklist to see where to halt upon for controlling it.

A timely and limited diet plan:

Your vision should be too proficient in diet management! Food is that every part of a person's life that ensures the living need. But may mostly overwhelm the person due to the variety and tastes that it brings with it.

Low carbs, high carbs, low proteins, high proteins, or whatever you intake may be done, has to ensure a balanced functioning of the living ecosystem inside you. Following a balanced and healthy diet leads to a healthy mind and a prosperous soul.

A balanced diet ensures that your blood glucose levels are maintained within restrictive limits. This is what keeps your blood sugar levels regulated and induces a disciplined way to live in.

Stealing carbs, not having a proper intake of proteins, the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients, but replacing them solely with carbohydrates and fats is not good at all. Just for the sake of taste, you cannot make your system a bin first, and then keep on fighting against the increased blood sugar levels and other related problems.

Many of us are with the misconception that our diet individually determines the trajectory levels of our diabetes, but it's much more than that, though diet as discussed formerly, also forms a part of it.

Physical fitness and exercise standards:

Your objective of staying agile lies in the fact that you have to follow strict procedural and planning to stay Regular exercises, meditation, mat exercises, etc and so on. Getting up early in the morning to run, cycle and jog, to ensure that you do not succumb to just medicines later. When talking to a diabetic person, the doctor always prescribes a regular exercise for regulatory control over the diabetic levels. This also sets up a benchmark for your physical living standards.

Regular monitoring through testing:

Besides physical fitness and diet regulation, the magic lies in the fact that regular and timely monitoring of the blood glucose levels has to be carried out. To facilitate this, the blood glucose test strips, the lancing devices, and the blood glucose meters play a vital role.

Forming combinations of the lancing devices used for pricking and getting the drop of blood, which is then poured on the test strips for monitoring it through the blood glucose meters, is a comprehensive solution. It is a channeled procedure, and step by step approach is taken. The simplicity, the compatibility, the effectiveness, and the ease of availability of the entire blood glucose measuring system makes blood glucose monitoring a comparatively easy and routine process..

"Well! This is important and should be gone through in detail!"

The Test Strips, their names, and types:

1)Abbott Freestyle test strips

2)Abbott Optium plus test strips

3)Accu-Chek Aviva test strips

4)Accu-Chek Active test strips

5)Accu-Chek Advantage test strips

6)Accu-Chek Compact test strips

7)AgaMatrix WaveSense Jazz test strips

8)Bayer Contour test strips

9)Bayer Contour Next test strips

10)Glucoflex- R test strips

11)GlucoRx test strips

12)IME-DC test strips....

Are some of the commonly known test strips. These compatible, efficient, and dispensable test strips are worthy of monitoring and controlling diabetes with enhanced capabilities. Providing the solution at very affordable rates and ease of availability. The apt combination of the test strips, the lancing device, and the blood glucose meters, helps you measure the blood glucose on a much regular basis.

When drops of blood are placed onto the test strip, they react with a chemical termed as the glucose oxidase, thereby producing gluconic acid from the glucose in the blood. Whereas at the other end of the test strip, the meter is responsible for transferring a current to the test strip. The test strip has got the electric terminals, which allow the meter to measure the current between the terminals.


Being a diabetic, the fight becomes much harder to stay in control of it rather than getting swayed away. The regulation of your blood glucose in between the restricted limits is a matter of sink or swim for your body to adapt, sustain, and streamline its functioning accordingly. It's just that with the involvement of a variety of test strips, ensure the preciseness, the regularity, the efficiency, the accuracy, and the ease in the measurement of the same. In order to fight it out, the diabetics look for a one-stop solution to their problems wherein they could rely upon the working capabilities of the blood glucose measuring kits.