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UniStrip Test Strips & Control Solution Helpful in Diabetes

UniStrip Test Strips & Control Solution Helpful in Diabetes

Posted by Rushed Box on Jun 23rd 2020

Have you ever admired using blood glucose test strips? Well, no one would do that! But if uncertainty becomes the new normal with continuous fluctuations in your physical and mental growth, proper care is required. Imagine if it is diabetes then? The solution could be what? The test strips? Maybe the UniStrip Glucose Test Strips! We will come to that later, before that we should check these two phases that could turn your life forever…

Grim or Grin, one is your situation and the other your smile. Both cannot stand together. On reveals an urgency or a necessity and the other justifies relaxation. You seem to moan and groan in apathy when the situation around is grim and replicates disorder. The other state, on the contrary, symbolises the state of calmness and stability achieved through the mental and physical well being. The disorder, as mentioned, makes the situation serious and could be due to appalling mental or physical unsettlement leading to severe deadlocks and setbacks.

What’s the Bottomline?

The bottom line of this mental and physical instability could be arising due to the lack of resonance of heart, body, mind and soul. This brings you to think about your health and its immunity. Now when we talk about immunity, it should be both mental and physical. Mental one depends upon the psychological advancements, as they take place with the plethora of activities around the life cycle. But certain physical disorders may be involuntarily acted upon or may get inherited due to the genetic or the chromosomal combinations

Yes, you guessed it right!

Diabetes comes around as an unforgivable and an unforgettable living companion. The condition can be accolades with the blood pressure, the cardiovascular problems, in the worst-case scenario. Such are the rogues of these companions that one has to make the best of the measures first to prevent them from coming, or else taking precautions if they hijack. The situation coming with these comorbid times can hail showers of fear and tension.

Those tough times can leave you clueless and nearly come as a shock. But as we know that even a coin has two sides, the one might not favour you, but the other may open doors of safety, security and prosperity. The case here is the same with diabetes or the higher blood sugar levels. You could imagine yourself a healthy and less sickening lifestyle with apt medications at your service. When we talk of the medication in such narrowed times, you could find yourself treating your diabetes with one-stop box type solutions.

The medications are the test strips, the lancet and the blood glucose meters! Though many of the patients have been using the varied combinations of the test strips, they are even aware of the agility and accuracy of the blood glucose meters that conclude the results of measurements. These test strips are aligned with the blood glucose meters that give them the edge for the competitiveness, the compatibility, the efficiency, the potential and the preciseness. Making an all-around or a comprehensive measurement of diabetes.

Though, when we talk of treating diabetes with utmost attention, the diet, the routine, the eating habits, and the exercise levels may come in as the necessary touch points at the secondary levels. Then what’s at the primary level?

The medication and the kits, containing…

-the type of test strips and other attributes

-their size, their comfortability, their preciseness and their accuracy

-their price range, their ease of usage and availability…

Followed by the precise degree of measurement of the blood glucose meters and the lancets in combination. When we say the different types of test strips, the first thing that comes to mind is the UniStrip Glucose Test Strips… Let’s now discuss some of their illustrations

UniStrip Glucose Test Strips & Control Solution Helpful For Diabetic Patient:

UniStrip Glucose Test Strips, composed as the major part of the UniStrip Glucose Control Solution are reliably efficient. The UniStrip Test Strips have a controlled usage and can be in use majorly with the OneTouch Ultra, OneTouch Ultra2, OneTouch UltraMini and OneTouch UltraSmart meters, the calibration code is set at 49, for measuring glucose (sugar) in whole capillary blood. The UniStrip1, serves automated functionality providing the platform for self-testing of blood glucose as an aid to monitor the effectiveness of diabetes control.

Some other features of UniStrip Glucose Test Strips:

Offering reliability, the UniStrip Glucose Test Strips are highly automated, ensuring the compactness and the effectiveness in blood glucose monitoring within the given time frame. Their compatibility can be determined from the fact that Unistrip Test Strips are a leading alternative to OneTouch Ultra Test Strips, giving you accurate results for a portion of the cost! The capillary action plays a vital role here when the blood is automatically drawn to the test strip through the capillary action.

Providing much faster results at much lower costs,they work with the world’s most efficient meter-The One Touch! Designed specifically for home based monitoring, these test strips are not a heavy load on pockets. With the ease of availability, they have proven their worth on ground. In addition to delivering accurate and faster results., they may also come with the feature of Alternate Site Testing basically from the fingertips, the palms, the forearms, etc.

Make Your Unistrip Test Strips complete with UniStrip Control Solution!

The Unistrip Control Solution is that much needed aqueous glucose solution that holds the accountability for verifying the accuracy of the UniStrip1 blood glucose test Strips. Unistrip Control Solution not only ensures that your meter and test strips are working together properly but also seeks a friction-free and smooth process of measurement altogether. The product contains a known amount of glucose that reacts with the glucose test strips. With the presence of the Unistrip control solution, the system is performing correctly if the control solution test result falls within the specific control solution range listed on your test strip vial.

UniStrip Control Solution Test has certain limitations and should be used when:

-if one suspects a continuous disruption in the meter reading with false results

-use this before using your blood sugar monitoring system for the very first time

-use it to ensure the safety in case if the test strip has been vulnerable to extreme temperature and pressure conditions

-use it every time you change the meter batteries

-with the arrival of a new vial of the blood glucose test strips

The Conclusion:

With the busy nature of the lifestyle, the unhealthy and unhygienic irregular eating habits, the mental and physical development has gone down invariably. The vulnerability to weakening of the physical and mental immune system has been under the effect of the continuous degradation of the living standards. The traits of corporate jobs, the lavish and the lethargic lifestyle and the rise of technology, etc, these days have changed the human tendencies a lot. With the inheritance of the digitalisation and defiance to the human labour force, the heart problems, blood pressure fluctuations, and diabetes have been circumscribing us for a long time now.

Though all these problems can to some extent be self-explanatory and we cannot restrain from the fact that they are caused due to our casualness. The way we live, the way we eat and the way we work, says it all for the depleted condition of our body, mind and soul. Out of which, the silver lining could just be “prevention is better than cure”. We have to take care of ourselves, our habits, our routine and our lifestyle primarily, If in case we come across these problems, we enter the precautionary phase and should abide by the rules defined under it.