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True Metrix Air Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter

True Metrix Air Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter

Posted by Andy- R on Feb 19th 2019

True Metrix Air Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter

By Trividia Health

This is By far one of the best Meter that was introduced in mid 2018,

Very Reliable, and Extremely Affordable.

Manufacturer also have Made Exceptional Product line Trivedia Health

The True Metrix Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter comes with some commendable features that give it an edge over others. Though we are living in a world, finding the right set of blood glucose meters becomes all the more confusing. When it’s about one’s medical healthcare needs, taking the best resources possible is the most sought for. Nevertheless when in search of the True Metrix Air Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meters, you will come across thousands of varieties of these blood glucose meters, and choosing the selected ones then becomes a matter of understanding the circumstantial results and a lot of many factors.

Factors that should be looked after while choosing the right Blood Glucose meters for yourself.

While making choices for the right blood glucose meter for yourself, you should be recognizing certain features and specifications along with the external and internal factors that come into play. Now first let’s talk about the factors that have a significant role here…

  1. Have you been suggested a particular blood glucose meter by your doctor?
  2. Is your blood glucose easily available, understandably affordable and easy to maintain?
  3. What is the preciseness and how long does it take to return with a reading?
  4. What is the storage capacity, or are there any unique attributes affixed to it?

And there are many such factors available that determine the quality of the blood glucose meters. Compact, comprehensive, accurate, and precise is what you want your blood glucose meters to be and therefore, the entire blood glucose meter kit should suit your requirement. Though, there still are still many features and specifications involved for greater precision for your blood glucose meters to be a one-stop solution

Let’s now illustrate some of these features and specifications to get you the best combination for a more regular and faultless blood glucose monitoring. These are:

  1. The information storage and retrieval should be instant.
  2. Smartphone connectivity for real-time results.
  3. A versatile Bluetooth connectivity and extended storage capacity.
  4. Different handling capabilities and the availability of USB ports.
  5. Easy to handle buttons, illuminated screens, and audio capability.
  6. Computer downloading capabilities and extensive manipulation techniques.
  7. Best used for self-monitoring for a regular blood glucose testing at home.

And the list seems endless. These are the features that create a difference in the preference while you opt for either an ordinary blood glucose meter or take an advanced more compatible and an excessively user-friendly one. This thin line of demarcation that creates a significant impact on the way your blood glucose meter would deliver, has to be understood. Here the doctor’s and the advice of the experts is essential and mind you, most of the medical health care professionals say that True Metrix Air Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meters have an edge above all.

Features of True Metrix air Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meters

Well, they have a strong reason to say so, as True Metrix Air Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meters have proven their existence developing trust and credibility amongst their users. They have their range of unique features that add to their exemplary clinically valued results. These features are as follows:

  • Bluetooth Smart Connectivity
  • No coding
  • As fast as 4 seconds
  • Tiny 0.5 Micrometer sample size
  • Alternate site testing
  • Store 1000 results with time/date
  • 7-, 14-, 30-, 60- and 90-day averaging
  • Event tagging
  • 4 testing reminder alarms
  • Audible fill detection
  • Control solution detection
  • Ketone test reminder
  • Strip release button
  • Data management capabilities

They come with Triple Sense Technology. The technology that senses automatic detection, analysis and correction of variables in each blood sample for proven accuracy. This self-monitoring blood glucose comes with the Alternate site testing facilitating the accessibility of testing from areas other than fingertips, thus making the blood glucose testing procedure less painful. These also encapsulate the Event tagging procedures wherein the testing before and after certain events is automatically aligned. Whether before a meal, after a meal, exercise. medications, etc. the True Metrix blood glucose meters serve the best deals in their department.

Use smart solutions, monitor your blood glucose regularly and stay fit

True Metrix Air Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meters ensure that coping with the adverse effects of diabetes are managed. The repercussions are depreciated in their magnitude, and the people with diabetes are easily able to measure their blood glucose levels regularly without rushing for a doctor every time. Opting for such smart solutions is the key to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most notably, in an era where shopping online is the new normal, getting these meters such as the True Metrix Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meters serves your purpose very well.