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Sugar Free Candy: Reason Behind Its Sweetness

Sugar Free Candy: Reason Behind Its Sweetness

Posted by Rushed Box on Jan 30th 2021

Sweets and candies are the fillers in life.

Sweets are the lifeline for many of us. They can be healthy lifelong eating ingredients and what we get to cherish is the sweet taste, the flavor, and the refreshment of the after taste. Candies are an essential source of sweetness to our taste buds. We feel clueless when we are not given our favourite candies at regular intervals. The desire to have candy is quite consuming and gradually forms a lifelong eating pattern. However, while enjoying the taste and flavor to the fullest, we forget to think of those who have diabetes.

But what about the diabetics?

Think candy is off-limits simply because you have diabetes? Not a chance! Having an option to eat sugar-free candy is preferable for satisfying a sweet tooth without a spike in blood glucose levels. This indeed becomes an alternative option for people with diabetes. Still, there are many ifs and buts attached while we talk of candies, especially the sugar-free ones for diabetic patients.

Sugar-free candy-Reason behind its sweetness

Sugar-free candies have sugar alcohols that are the most common sweetening agents found in the other forms of sweets as well. They are commercially used as sweeteners in foods and beverages. Most carbohydrates found in sugar-free candies come from sugar alcohols, such as maltitol. This means that the sugar-free candies with most of the carbs coming from these sugar alcohols do not affect your blood sugar levels as dramatically as the other carbohydrates do. Here, this may result in a high-level intake of unabsorbed sugar alcohols that may pose serious health issues in the future.Though, we might agree with the fact that sugar-free candy is a healthy alternative as compared to sugar-filled candy. We should also understand the fact that artificial sweetening with sugar substitutes plays a vital role in knowing to what extent the sugar-free candies would harm the overall health. However, the manner and the moderation levels in which they are consumed also matter a lot.

Can sugar-candies harm your teeth?

We need to understand that most sugar-free candies contain high levels of acid involvements that might become a contributor to cavities and tooth decay. The corrosive nature of the acid affects our enamel badly and may damage it as well.

It's an important fact to understand that sugar-free candies may not be damaging you in the same way sugar-filled candy does. Tooth decay, however, can take place if consumption is not done cautiously. Sugar-free candies are composed of high levels of acid that could cause tooth decay and cavity.

Sugar-free does not mean limitless intake; remember that!

Monitoring the number of carbs and the fat intake has to be done properly when you deal with sugar-free substitutes since it could agitate the already existing co-morbid conditions. Instilling healthier eating habits is necessary to determine how much sugar intake is being done from your side. Sugar-free, whether in candy or any other form, does not mean that you are free to eat it as per your will. You cannot overeat because sugar-free does not mean you can have it more than you would typically do.

Sugar substitutes such as sugar-free candies can only be helpful to you if you have a limited intake. Overindulgence with sugar-free candies and stuff will lead to an unbalanced absorption of the overall calories consumed. As a result, blood glucose levels may again shoot up as it could have otherwise been under normal circumstances.