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How do people with diabetes track their levels?

How do people with diabetes track their levels?

Posted by Rushed Box on Jan 20th 2020

Blood glucose monitoring

If you do not monitor your blood glucose level, you will forfeit control and would result in diabetes. The blood glucose level has to be constantly monitored through blood glucose monitor. These monitors are available in nearby diabetic stores or could be easily supplied online. The sugar level in your body regulates through the routine metabolism. Though it is automatically controlled through the blood, it has to be kept in control. Otherwise, it would take control and it would then be a matter of “sink” or “swim” and you could be on the verge of getting diabetic.In order to accustom your blood glucose regulation level, so as not to go diabetic, you have to understand all the terms related to it along with the regular monitoring with the devices. In order not to miss the boat, and get diabetic, stern measures have to be taken to avoid it.

How do people with diabetes track their blood glucose levels?

People suffering from diabetes have their blood sugar levels on a higher side. Therefore in order not to hamper their health, they need to continuously monitor their blood sugar levels. They are familiar with the fact that this could affect them in the longer run, and at that time they could also need a fast track solution.Thus for diabetic patients, switching to the smarter ways of measuring the blood glucose level is the need of the hour. These ways include the blood glucose level monitors, and the CGM’s, now the question here is, what are those? what are there benefits?

What is CGM? What are its benefits?

CGM stands for continuous glucose monitoring. A device that is feasible enough to measure the glucose level at any point in time. CGM consists of a sensor wire connected to an automatic applicator. The sensor wire is inserted inside the skin, it measures the glucose level in the interstitial fluid. There is a transmitter, connects to the sensor wire and sends real-time readings wirelessly to a receiver, so the user can view the information.

Benefits of CGM:

You know that the glucose level in the blood has an unsung relationship with the metabolism, here the  blood glucose meters and the CGM, play a significant role. Both keep measuring the glucose level so that you never let the grass grow under your feet and go diabetic. CGM provides you with real-time, dynamic glucose information every minute so that ultimately, you are not left with a lump in your throat, fearing to be diabetic. The benefits are as follows:

1)A more synchronised, dynamic, and real-time information for blood glucose level information every minute.

2)It provides 288 readings effectively for upto 24 hours. 

3)Dispenses valuable insights regarding your blood glucose level- about the rate and direction of its change.

4)It provides you with insights to proactively manage your blood glucose levels.

5)A blood glucose meter is a brief snapshot of your blood glucose level whereas the CGM is keeping a continuous monitor on your glucose level.

Are they useful in the long run, are they a perfect choice?

It totally depends upon the need for usage. Persisting with short term as well as long term use. It is the perfect choice as you do not need to prick your fingertip and ooze out blood every time, rather a set of sensors and transmitters along with the applicators does the job for you.Thus in this era of modernisation, where every second person is a sufferer of diabetes, you need to take measures using such devices, helping you fight it and stay healthy.