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COVID-19 & Its Effect on Existing Medical Conditions

COVID-19 & Its Effect on Existing Medical Conditions

Posted by Rushed Box on May 12th 2020

Covid-19, the outbreak that took many!

Yes indeed, thrashed millions, took thousands and disrupted many. The spread has been lightening fast, the pandemic certainly is the moment the world has realised is the beginning of a nightmare. The pandemic' s effect has made the world cross a threshold where there is no going back!

Disfiguring the abilities of mankind, disturbing and discontinuing the human cycle, the pandemic could be termed as Nature's vengeance against mankind. There have been a plethora of un-forgetful and unforgiving activities on mother nature, and the outbreak could have been the answer to all those.

Originating from Wuhan in China, the virus encompassed the entire nation, and China became the epicenter. A nationwide lockdown for 2 months, economy dismantled causing psychological, social, and political distress to the nation. Taking the death toll to thousands, the virus was harsh enough to make people think of the first and the second World Wars.

The international boundaries though were seized, but the pandemic was smart enough to spread throughout the world, making Europe its next epicenter. Countries like Italy, Spain, suffered the most. The countries tremble, with a sense of terror looming over their heads regarding the deadly virus, there is simply no count of the patients suffering, the new ones getting affected every day, and all of it taking the death toll to new heights every passing day. Iran, on the other hand as well, had to face the bizarre effects of the crisis. With the devastating effects on Iran outnumbering many, even the core of the Gulf shook with the outrage. The graph of the cases has been rising steeply and has expressed its degree of danger that the virus is capable of.

Effect globally

The pandemic surged up to cover 150 countries under its influence. Though international travel banned, flights shut, other modes of transportation locked, yet COVID-19 had taken up its worst form by then. More than 10000 new cases a day, can you imagine such a number? The malls shut, shops closed, public gathering prohibited, theatres locked, and whatnot, abandoning all possible sources of entertainment one could think of. The school-going children, the office workers, and the others serving the various sectors had to bear the brunt of the pandemic. Why is that being said? Let's look for reasons...

Effect on the community:

It is a complete lockdown situation, a mild state curfew, a condition of self-isolation, quarantining millions across the globe. The virus has not made any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, color, religion, everyone has felt the sorrows, the pain, the ruthlessness and the negativity equally. To add to the sorrows is the panic hysteria floated throughout via social media and what we call as fake news. All the religions, the communities, the artefacts of different cultural beings, etc, have sought nothing less than a comprehensive step back.

Yes, the governments of the different countries, different states, and the other controlling bodies in different districts of a particular state hopped in locking down all possible sources of income, and entertainment. Aware of the probing danger as they are, shutting down all sorts of public gatherings, as a person to person travel is what the virus is capable of. No one knows whether the other is infected, and accidentally infects the entire community, which is what we call a community transmission.

Effect on an individual basis:

Threatening lives of many, the impact has led to undeniable consequences under vivid circumstances where individuals are found prone to it on a large scale. Travelling through the respiratory droplets whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, the virus communicates from one person to another through droplets.

These droplets travelling in the air pass on to people over a community level. Scaling heights, the virus leads to mild fever, cough, and shortness of breath. These symptoms appear within a period of 1-14 days or an incubation period. The restlessness, the irresistible anxiety, and the conventional illness type feel let's you seek the doctor. There and then goes a series of multiple testing, subsequently, if the test turns positive, you are taken in an isolation period, or a self quarantining. This is the cure invented at full throttle since no such medicinal drug has been identified for a cure.

Comorbid condition:

To everyone's surprise, it's been really horrifying to find that people suffering through other problems already are much more vulnerable to the effect of the outbreak. Yes, the co-morbid conditions such as cardiovascular problems, coronary heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, and other lung or liver-related problems, are all signs of a weak immune system. Majorly occurring amongst the elderly section of the society, diabetes and blood pressure patients need special and intensive care in such difficult times.

To those with diabetes in particular, it's a matter of sink or swim, a make or break situation, where they could only surpass the devil through proper monitoring of their problems, along with continuous one-stop solutions. A study from Wuhan, China shows a 10.5 percent death rate amongst people with coronary heart disease, a 7.3 percent death rate for those with diabetes, 6.3% for those with respiratory disease, 6% for those with high blood pressure and 5.6% for those with cancer.

Track and monitor:

The statistics clearly state the risk of death when we talk in terms of diabetes. Therefore, the only control is to track and monitor your blood glucose levels, regularly. In addition, there needs to be a comprehensive blood glucose monitoring system, including the blood glucose meters, the test strips, the lancing devices, and so on. As we say that prevention is better than cure, we need to follow it even on stern grounds. Nevertheless there are some other preventive measures that could be taken consecutively.


Social distancing, comprehensive sanitization, self quarantining and isolation, and taking a healthy diet, are the other day to day measures, symbolizing victory pulled off! So, cleaning your home, the public places, the markets, the roads, the buildings, the corporate, parks, etc, could let us do our bit in fighting against the deadly virus.Thus signifying the help that we could give to the public health sectors, the social workers, the health organisations, the NGO's and the police staff, who are leaving no stones unturned in saving us from a nightmare.