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 FreeStyle Lite Test Strips - Working, Features & Specifications

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips - Working, Features & Specifications

Posted by Rushed Box on Mar 16th 2020

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips, as the name suggests, features to facilitate a less complicated and a more freestyle like easy testing for accurate monitoring of blood glucose. To make the glucose testing experience soothing and compatible further, the FreeStyle Lite Test Strips have been incorporated with the ZipWik tabs.

Ranging from the setup to the testing to track, get everything done conveniently now!

The ambrosial monitoring of your blood glucose levels at regular intervals stirs the symphony of perfect methods to tackle diabetes. A No Coding technique followed, reducing a step towards simplified testing. The FreeStyle family of products provides sublime features and support for self-testing of blood. Trying to put the squeeze on, the facilitation of a much faster, easier blood application with unique ZipWik tabs easily targeting the blood, makes things work smoothly.

The motto is to suffice the need for much relieving and discreet testing when one deals with such a busy lifestyle. To top it off, the Abbott FreeStyle Lite Test Strips symbolize that when you fight against diabetes, you just can’t pull the answers out in thin air. The need for well-judged decisions carrying a lot more circumspect approach is certainly needed.

What are FreeStyle Lite Test Strips?

Abbott FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose test strips are used for self-testing of blood glucose. Besides, they work in association with the FreeStyle InsuLinx, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, FreeStyle Lite & FreeStyle Papillon Mini meters.

Letting you take that extra step, these test strips do a little more work at the front end. FreeStyle systems make use of coulometry technology in which theglucose signal is calculated from the charge determined in totality, as a result of the glucose reaction in the sample. Thus, guiding towards a much more freestyle, easy to use, more compatible, yet a sequenced method to monitor blood glucose levels, they could be a perfect choice for monitoring your blood glucose.

How are they used?

1) Wash your hands with soap very nicely.

2) Prepare the meter, adjusting it accordingly for the testing.

3) Insert the strip inside the meter. Lance, your finger and the oozing drop of blood is applied on the strip thereafter.

4)Then keep holding the edge of the test strip to the drop of blood and wait for the result.

4) The meter starts with a beep once, the countdown for the monitoring starts and as soon as the meter beeps twice, the result appears.

It's the same procedure but with advancements...

What ‘s the difference then?

A blood glucose meter that requires no coding! The need for coding has been eliminated here. Most of the blood glucose meters require coding every time before use. There is a need for calibrating or coding each time a new box of strips is to be introduced. If coding isn’t taken into account, you would stay miles away from getting the accurate measurement.

The meters following a No-code strategy automatically code to match the test strips. With no room left for any errors or miscoding, the tension for inaccurate results completely vanishes. Instilling in greater confidence, there are no extra efforts needed for a need to manage exact monitoring.

Features of Abbott FreeStyle Lite Test Strips:

The update with the incorporation of the ZipWik tabs has taken them one step ahead of the curve, let's see how…

1) No coding required

2) Backlight and portlight for nighttime testing.

3 )With an innovative test strip design, they have made the application of blood easier.

4) Zipwik tabs – designed for instant wicking action

5 )Faster, yet accurate results offered with much more compatibility.

6) Fast, 5-second average test time

7) Tiny sample size - only 0.3 µl - virtually pain-free testing

8) A detailed and precisely segmented sample recognition for testing only provided when treated with an accurate sample.

9) Reapplication time-up to 60 seconds

Note: FreeStyle Optium blood β-Ketone test strips are available for the self-testing of blood ketones.


When it’s about your health, taking any half measures could lead to undeniable consequences. You cannot deprive yourself of stable physical health and repent it later. Especially when dealing with diabetes, you have to master the art of regular monitoring. Therefore, to back you up, those high quality, effective, one-stop box solutions are needed. Assuring to take you one step ahead of the forthcoming dangers.

Evoked with sparked conversations, analysing the problem leads you to a quality solution. One such contribution to the tally is the use of FreeStyle Lite Test Strips. Inducing easy to use, much faster, highly compatible, inspiring solutions, these test strips hook to a revolution in the world of blood glucose monitoring.