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Ascensia Bayer Microlet Lancets 100 Ct.

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Ascensia Bayer Microlet Lancets - 100 BX

Ascensia Microlet Lancets 100 Pack

Ascensia microlet lancets are the silicone coated lancets that add to the delicacy of testing with sophisticated simple and smooth testing. Ascensia microlet lancing device is the one wherein you can make your choice amongst five different lancing depths. The Ascensia microlet lancing device works for a higher degree of precision and accuracy when it keeps accounts for letting you use the smallest blood drop necessary. To bring it to you notice that all the lancets have been built for longer life spans and thereby have a longer expiration date.

Ascensia Bayer Microlet Lancets 100 Ct. comes with some tremendous and impeccable features that possess a greater control on the depth of the skin penetration varying for the various skin thicknesses. After the blood glucose measuring, the cap is put off to facilitate the ejector forward, this is where this product shows how admirable it is. Getting below the details of the process would let you better understand the attributes...

Package contains

100 single use lancets, 28 gauge.


  • You have twist off the protective cap primarily, or a subtle prick that would be on the fingertips to ensure the blood that oozes out is in a measured dropwise manner when you are in the process.
  • After you have used it, place a protective cap on a flat surface with Bayer logo facing down. Push lancet securely into the middle of the exposed side of the cap.
  • The device gives you the ease, precision and quickness to measure your blood glucose levels with a much more favourable regularity. This ensures your sugar levels are within the restricted limits in the normal days.

With thumb, push release button or plunger cap to expose lancet. Grasp lancet body and remove. Discard.