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Anti fog and Anti Dust Black Mask - Reusable

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Anti fog and Anti Dust BLaxk Mask -  Reusable

Reusable Fashion Mask - Anti fog and Anti Dust

These reusable fashion face masks include the Anti-dust face mask and the anti-fog face masks. Stylish, classy and most adorable masks ensuring a protective face covering. Anti-dust face masks are the comfortably breathable daily wear that ensures a secure comfortable fit. Covering nose to chin, these masks guard you against dust, germs, allergens and pollutants in a comprehensive manner. Lightweight and easy to carry, these Anti-dust face masks ensure a high degree of durability.

To top it off are the anti-fog face masks that consist of a filtration medium and air-impervious elements. The impermeability prevents moist breath from raising to higher levels where they could otherwise fog your eyeglasses and degrade the visibility. These Anti-fog face masks work to wipe off the moist breath that could have led to diminished visibility. These reusable face masks come with some advanced features that have been listed below for ease of your understanding...

Offer protection against various elements. Covers your mouth. They are made of lightweight material (88% polyester & 12% Spandex) and Face Fashion can also be worn as an accessory.

  • • Color : Black 
  • • 88% Poly, 12% Spandex
  • • Made in China
  • • Excellent Anti-Bacterial Function
  • • Quick Absorption and Evaporation
  • • UV Protection
  • • Three Dimensional Design for Great Fit
  • • Reusable after Washing
  • • Comfortable, Breathable
  • • One Size Fits All


  • 1 pack of Mask